Fun Friday!

Milton of Leys Primary School

Good morning!

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Please remember that today is a dress down day for our children to mark the end of term and have some fun together. There will be Easter activities and crafts. This is the first full day of Spring and the sun is due to shine on us today – expect you child to enjoy being outdoors at school today so please make sure they have their normal outdoor shoes/jackets for this.

Today’s Fun Friday dress down day is for the children and adults at the school only. We look forward to inviting parents into classes again at a later date once we re-open as usual.

If you are able to come to school safely to pick up a jotter for your child, these are available for pick up during the day and will be outside the office areas to minimise people entering the school building at this time…

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Highland Council School Closure Message

Milton of Leys Primary School

Schools in Scotland to close

The First Minster has just made an announcement closing schools after Friday this week.

Donna Manson, Chief Executive of The Highland Council said:

“Highland Council will need time to assess the impact of this announcement on our workforce, and our communities as well as on the provision of support for our young people.

“Further information will be forthcoming tomorrow, and please be assured that our central education team have been working extensively on providing learning materials for use at home.

“More detail will be given to parents and carers and pupils from the Council later this week.

“As was intimated by the First Minister, details about free school meals will again be forthcoming in the days ahead.

“Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

“We are expecting further information from the Scottish Government on what will be happening for older pupils regarding exams and…

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Milton of Leys Primary School

Please see below the most recent guidance from Highland Council regarding the Coronavirus as well as the new Coronavirus advice poster.

Staff, students and pupils who have returned from Category 1 risk areas for COVID-19

within the last 14 days should self-isolate, and NOT attend education or work for 14

days, even if they feel well. You can find information about affected areas on the HPS


Staff, students and pupils who think they have been in contact with someone infected

with coronavirus should NOT attend education even if they are well, but should first

contact their GP or NHS24 (111) for further assessment and advice.


Advice on the coronavirus for places of education

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